EDIBOX Benefits

Suppliers and buyers benefit from the advantages of invoice processing with EDIBOX.

Reduce costs

Save costs for printing, mailing and stamps.

Increase speed

Faster invoice processing results in better forecasts

Reduce effort

Don't waste time scanning and indexing paper receipts.


The processing status of each receipt can be monitored.

Checks included

Regulations are strictly followed and EDIBOX ensures your receipts are correct.


Save CO2 using a paperless solution

As a supplier you send receipts als PDFs from your ERP system or even worse, print those receipts, put them in envelopes, and mail them to your customers.

As the recipient you have to search through those PDFs or open letters days after they were sent. You have to scan and categorize the receipts, distribute them to the right parties who have to put them into your ERP system.

This is how invoicing and receipt handling still looks in many companies today – in Germany still 60% of invoices are mailed the old fashioned way.

EDIBOX is the modern solution for this process – simple and pragmatic.

For Suppliers

As a supplier I send my documents like invoices, receipts,.. via email to EDIBOX or I use the EDIBOX printer driver. EDIBOX analyzes and understands the receipts content and extracts all the information my customer needs for a fast verification. No paper, no mailing, no CO2, no hassle.

EDIBOX is smart. It uses machine learning to automatically process invoices and documents. The invoice form for example shows then all the information a customer needs to automatically process those invoices. EDIBOX takes over missing information and learns where to find this information on the invoice in the future.

Edibox Software

For Buyers

As a customer I receive incoming documents (like delivery notes, invoices, waybills,…) as a structured data record in the correct format for my ERP system –EDIFACT, IDoc, XML, ZUGFeRD or others. EDIBOX makes sure that everything is complete and all calculations are correct. I don’t have to think about checking the invoice against regulations (e.g. §14 UStG) manually.

EDIBOX is a portal that covers the data communication between customers and suppliers. Suppliers create their company profile and publish important information like key figures and IDs. EDIBOX automatically creates a task when information is missing in a document or the customer has to update some information. Nothing is lost and everything is up to date. All receipts, incoming emails or data in the portal are stored securely and are auditable at any point in time. EDIBOX also supports direct communication between customers and suppliers.

Edibox Software


Supplier profile & registrations Task management
Receiving documents via email, upload, printer driver, SFTP or AS2 etc. Workflows & status of receipt processing
Using AI and language processing based algorithms for a precise extraction of document’s data Direct supplier – customer communication
WebEDI Audit trail for all receipts and actions
Sending documents as EDIFACT, IDoc, ZUGFeRD, XML, PDF etc. Dashboards and reporting


For Suppliers For Buyers
+ No more costs for printing and mailing. + No more scanning and indexing of receipts.
+ Reducing receivables maturity and improving cash flows. + Archiving gets easier.
+ The processing status of each receipts is tracked and monitored. + Faster invoice processing results in better forecasts.
+ Communication between supplier and customer is faster and easier. + Improving the relationship between customers and suppliers through faster payments and effective communication throughout the invoicing process.
+ Reporting gives you insights into the relationship with the buyers. + Regulations are strictly followed and receipts are checked for their validity.
+ Save CO2 using a paperless solution



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